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Our Baby Gift Boxes

Our baby gift boxes provide the convenience of great baby items inside a bakery box!  

We know that each baby is unique so our baby gifts reflect that. The design, amount and type of baby items vary per gift box.

But all our baby gift boxes provide the same benefits:

  • Products: We use cute baby products that parents will need and use
  • Unique Gift: Products are arranged as “sweets” or “treats” such as cupcakes, lollipops, candy rolls, small cakes and muffins. Everything inside a bakery box that measures 3”H x 6”W x 6”L
  • More Items: In the way that products are arranged, more items fit inside the box than they usually do...something that will make new parents even happier 
  • Time Savers: When we ship our baby boxes, they are ready to give as a gift. No additional work is required from your part which means more time for you to do other things
  • Ship it to another person: Sure! We can ship it directly to the new parents so you don’t have to worry about it. More details on the “Direct Shipping Option” section

We have baby gift boxes for girls and baby gift boxes for boys. But, we also have neutral gender baby gifts available. 

If you prefer a bigger and fuller baby gift, we recommend you to check our baby gift baskets. Like the gift boxes, our baby gift baskets can be searched by gender: baby girls and baby boys or by category: premium plus baby gift baskets, premium baby gift baskets and deluxe baby gift baskets.

Enjoy them!




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